Amor cuesta arriba

Rainier Arts Center

Rainier Arts Center • 4:00PM • Saturday, October 8th

Amor Cuesta Arriba

Pablo has no social life to speak of. And he seems to like it that way. He goes to the same Chinese restaurant every night, orders the same takeout meal and eats it, alone, at his dining room table. Then, one night, his best friend and business partner drags Pablo down to a school reunion party where he runs into Daniela, with whom he had a crush back in the day. Daniela's life hasn't been easy; she now makes ends meet as a prostitute. Undeterred, Pablo attempts to conquer her at all costs with the reluctant help of his business partner and the more enthusiastic one of the Haitian immigrants who work for him.

Director: Nelson Nuñez
Writers: Nelson Nuñez, Jose Antonio Varela
Stars:  Jesus Nunes, Vera Linares, Augusto Nitti
Country: Venezuela
Year: 2015
Running Time: 1h 25min

Spanish w/ English subtitles

Collections: 2016 Screenings

Category: 2015, Comedy, Venezuela

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