Andrea y Lorenzo + Las Cuatro Esquinas del Circulo

Rainier Arts Center

Rainier Arts Center • 7:00PM • Friday, October 7th


Andrea y Lorenzo

Northwest  Premiere

“Andrea & Lorenzo” is an independent romantic comedy about a young journalist who feels her professional and personal life have come to a halt. But the return of her former college flame she once dumped, now turned rock star, will give her a new perspective on life, love and being true to herself.

Director: Rolando D’Lugo
Writer: Rolando D’Lugo
Stars: Joa Tous, Rolando D’Lugo, Blanca Lissette Cruz
Country: Puerto Rico
Year 2015
Running Time   1h 30min
Comedy, Romance

Spanish w/ English subtitles

Las Cuatro Esquinas del Circulo


A wondrous yarn of history, the threads of which run through Mexico and Serbia: in Guanajuato two boys – one of whom is seriously ill – wander through the kaleidoscope of their city whilst in Belgrade women of different ages come to terms with death and the colours of life: encounters and weighty yet light-hearted conversations about what makes up the existence of an individual and how moments of death can be borne in a more endurable manner. The here and now of the film is not firmly anchored but instead establishes itself in mysterious ways. The entire universe of LAS CUATRO ESQUINAS DEL CÍRCULO appears to be impregnated by Frida Kahlo's paintings. And as one of the Belgrade women, in the blazing radiance of a theatre spotlight, actually transforms into the image of the Mexican artist, the film bows out with a heart-breaking Yugoslav-Mexican version of ‘Paloma Negra’, that heroic-melancholic hymn to Frida Kahlo which speaks of eternal love in this fleeting world.

Director: Katarina Stankovic (in attendance)
Writer: Katarina Stankovic
Stars:  Zoe Sekularac Vuksanovic,José Francisco Márquez González, Luis Alejandro Cisneros Razo
Country: Germany
Year 2015
Running Time: 24 min
Genre: Short, Drama

Language: Serbia, Spanish w/ English subtitles

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