Los Fabuloso Ma’ Mejores

Varsity Theater

Varsity Theatre • 2:00PM • Sunday, October 2nd


Chelo Rosario (Luis José López) is a hardworking man and kids baseball coach who’s not doing very well: he has no money, no job and his baseball team, although wonderful, is spectacularly bad at playing baseball. One day an announcement is made on the radio regarding the first ever Kid’s Baseball Tournament in the Dominican Republic and Chelo decides to ask the beautiful Joanna (Denise Quiñones ), ­­who is the mother of one of the kids,­­ for help to enter the tournament. The result is a fun­filled family oriented comedy where kids as well as adults will enjoy the crazy adventures of this fabulous team and the importance of fighting for your dreams regardless of how difficult they may be.

Director: Carlos Manuel Plasencia
Writer: Carlos Manuel Plasencia
Stars: Luis Jose Lopez, Denise Quiñones, Felipe PolancoGenre: Comedy
Country: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Year: 2015

Producer and actress Celines Toribio in attendance

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