Tus Padres Volverán

Rainier Arts Center

Rainier Arts Center • 2:30PM • Sunday, October 9th

In 1983 a group of 154 children aged 3 and 17 years old traveled alone to Montevideo in a flight coming from Europe. They were children of political exiles from Uruguay, who were unable to come back to their own country; they sent their kids to know their relatives and home country. This well intentioned act with a political message involved, will be helpful not only with human rights' fight and freedom, but also it will affect children's life, in relation to their identity development, when a crowd received them singing together "your parents will come back". This movie is about six kids who have been trying to establish their identity until today, already grown up; because they hadn't got a common childhood like any other kid; growing up in one place with their relatives and neighbors, exile's children lived a life in retirement, leaving behind everything they loved.

Director: Pablo Martinez Pessi (in attendance)
Writers: Pablo Martinez Pessi
Stars: Salvador Banchero, Fernando De Meersman, Jorge Garibaldi
Country: Uruguay
Year: 2015
Running Time: 1h 20 min

Spanish w/ English subtitles

Collections: 2016 Screenings

Category: 2015, Documentary, Uruguay

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